Saturday, 4 March 2017


A dream. Well they’re looking for a new Dr Who. What about this: a very old, retired Time Lord trying to get a hip replacement. Then he finds himself in the Tardis. The wrong button has been pressed. He’s totally confused, doesn’t know what to do. Fortunately there is an assistant who helps him to fly the Tardis to sunnier climes where his aching bones can be eased. They’re attacked by Sun Rays. The only thing he’s got in his pocket is a pencil.It could be fun having a dopey old man trying to come to terms with the terrifying stuff he’s confronted with. What about dopey old me? Dreaming.

Or back to EastEnders. Say I went back as the twin brother of Joe Macer ( who fell out of a first floor window after confessing to Dot that he killed his wife Pauline Fowler), who’s corporate lawyer, and demands to get back the property that Ian’s living in. Dot would have kittens thinking that Joe had come back from the grave and Ian would have a nervous breakdown and my lawyer would become the pariah of Albert Square. That’d be fun.

The trouble with dreams is you always wake up.    


  1. What would be a dream come true for myself & my sister, would be the BBC bringing back Growing Pains (I'd love to see what Tom & Pat Hollingsworth are up to now) or at least bringing the old ones out on DVD. The acting and the series as a whole was excellent. We absolutely loved it. You just don't get drama of that type anymore. It's all so miserable these days. Growing Pains was an absolute joy to watch.

  2. I quite like the idea of an elderly, slightly doddery Dr Who, but I think that would be a great idea for you to come back as Joe's twin brother in Eastenders - no more far fetched than some storylines in recent years! More to the point Ray, could you hack the aggro of working on that soap again?