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Plenty on Wikipedia and on IMDd.  Those two websites are great for the date and place of birth, as well as listing the TV, films, stage and radio I've worked on.  What they don't do is describe what it was like working on those productions, alongside the wonderful and sometimes not-so-wonderful personalities involved. They also don't divulge the highs and lows of over 50 years of marriage, bringing up three kids as well as emerging grandchildren. If you're interested, Learning My Lines (my autobiography), Echoes (my first novel) are for sale through my website, as is an archive of my blogs from 2009-2013.

Friday, 21 August 2015


I get a lot of people wanting signed photos and others wanting to hear about Mr Benn. I send them. I don’t mind.

Now, is it just me, but I never get a ‘thank you‘ response from any of these people. Is it asking too much?

I was always taught to say thank you. What’s gone wrong?       

Monday, 3 August 2015


After my interview with Andrew Mate at Mojo magazine my CD has gone mad.

Then son Tom told me that Amazon Music Streaming service has released an Album part 4 which contains a song of mine called Pictures. Which incidentally is on my CD.

It’s all very interesting. (to me)