Monday, 2 February 2015


Sam Westerby has got me over twenty five local Radio interviews. Of those only Judi Spiers (radio Devon) show has sold any copies of my novel Lies. Although she has invited me to the Appledore Book Festival in Devon in September and also asked to read on a programme she hosts but not Lies as it might offend some listeners ( ! ) so I’ll read selections of my autobiography.

Sam has also got me the Ken Bruce show, also the Steve Wright show on Radio 2. These both were amazing in helping to sell books.

All of the D.J’s seemed to talk endlessly about Mr Benn.

We went to see John Challis’ Fools and Horses and Boycie show in Croydon. Coming out of the station it reminded me of Milton Keynes and Swansea, not in an architectural way, but the fact that it’s street lighting seems to be lit by 40 watt bulbs.

Saw John and his wife Sue before the show. It was good to catch up with him. Thirty plus years ago we were at The National Theatre together in Tom Stoppard’s On the Razzel. Good times for both of us. I’m so pleased that he’s done so well.

There were over 100 in the audience. They laughed and listened. At the interval, Sam and I had a drink. Going back in I saw Sue sitting by a table with John’s books and photo’s on display. ‘We hope to sell over fifty books at these shows.’ she said..

The 2nd half started. I realised that I had to leave to catch the train. Left a message with Sue to pass onto John and blindly wandered to the station.

As the train rattled homeward, seemingly stopping at every tree not unlike a dog with trouble with his waterworks, but it all gave me thinking time. “Fifty books.”, “!00 people in the audience”

Fools and Horses is a big draw but Mr Benn?

The first show I’ll do is on April 12th at Brighton’s Little Theatre. It’s a 72 seater.

Will I manage to get anybody in? Will I sell any books?

Two months to go and I’m already panicking.

No wonder I’ve got a headache.