Sunday, 17 May 2015


Using ‘street language’ now, I think! Joined in the melee of the Twitter world thanks to my son Tom. I use it to promote my new novel the mini tour I’m doing.

I keep logging into it and most of the posts seem to be opinions about current issues or in some famous celebrity’s case ‘I’ve just washed my hair.’. Bloody hell. I certainly don’t want to get into that. Not that I’ve got much hair to wash.

I used to tweet a bit but it’s a strange old world. Anyway, I logged in yesterday and there to my suprise and delight was a complimentary post about me!

I looked today but it’s disappeared. I must be doing something wrong. But the gist of it was really about the show that I did at the Riverside Barn Theatre last Sunday.

And for the first time, this sweet tweeter, said that it was Great! Wow, I was thrilled. The first time that someone had shown such enthusiasm.

So, I was Made Up.  

Sunday, 10 May 2015


The sun was shining. I was sitting outside a pub (suprise, suprise). A couple of old gentlemen were sitting across from me.

‘You look a bit down, Jack.’ one said to the other.
‘So many things going wrong at the moment.’
‘For instance?’
‘My sister in-law’s broken her ankle. Skiing.’
‘Your wife’s sister? How old is she?’
‘Eighty two.’
‘What the hell’s she doing skiing at her age?’
‘She goes every year. I had to arrange her flight back. There were complications. She had to see her specialist. And....’
‘Son Steven’s business has gone bust. He’s desperate. He wants me to lend him £50,000.’
‘£50,000 ! Your not going to give it him surely?’
‘He’s ill with worry.’
‘Jack Jack, Jack. You’re going to make yourself ill.’
‘What can I do?’
‘I’ll tell you my theory, Jack. Any problems you can’t sort out. Forget them. Like your feckless son and the Mrs Jean Claude Killy 81 year old twit. Let them stew in their own juice. Mend what you can and forget all the other stuff. It’s a waste of time.’
Jack nodded.

I looked at Jack’s ‘philosopher’ friend as he sipped his wine contentedly. My nearly finished pint was in front of me. I should go home. I’m late already. ‘Mend what you can’ Well my glass needed ‘mending’. I ordered a refill. That old man was a genius.