Wednesday, 22 March 2017


We all use supermarkets, don”t we? They are enormous and charmless.They can buy in bulk and consequently all the local shops can’t compete and and they have to close. And I miss the friendly faces.
Of course the supermarkets sell their goods a lot cheaper and shoppers love them.
But they are temples of destruction. Why are they so? Not just the little business that go under but the potential of bringing A.E. departments to bursting point. Why do I predict this?
Supermarket trollies. We’ve all seen them whizzing around piled high with food and the owner on a mobile phone. haven’t we? But have you ever had to leap out of the way when one of these juggernauts bears down on you? If you were a lorry driver on the mobile the police would slap him in prison. But these buggers are never touched.
So I have a simple solution. At the end of each supermarket aisle there should be traffic lights. So normal basket shoppers can cross safely.
But, of course, it would cost money and for these poverty stricken supermarkets might have to shell out and then they’d be FORCED to put their prices up. Any excuse.

Then maybe the local shops would be able to open up and we’d all be happy.


  1. I totally agree, for those of us who just need a basket with of goods we should at least have our own fast lane, no doubt the supermarkets would find a way of directing our sub conscious to their latest offer, resulting in the need for us to carry our basket with two hands, slowing us down leaving us lingering in the isles longer and tempting us with more goods, result we buy more and need a trolley as the two hands and a jumbo roll of kitchen paper under our arm is just too much. They really do have us every which way. Karen - marketing victim

  2. I usually shop in our Tesco Metro in the town centre and find it less terrifying than the huge supermarkets. I've got to know many of the staff who are mostly friendly and helpful.
    I can never find anything in the bigger stores, plus too much walking and too much choice exhausts me. Our One Stop store in my village, which is owned by Tesco is quite reasonable. I do sympathize with you over the trolleys. Some people definitely require L plates!