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Friday, 27 March 2015


When I did two series of TAXI with Sid James and Bill Owen in 62 and 63. Jack Rosenthal and Harry Driver wrote the 2nd series.

Jack and Harry were script writers on Coronation Street. Harry was severely crippled. He had been an under manager in a supermarket and did a comedy act in the evenings. He had accident at work and was completely paralyzed. He wrote using a knitting needle in his mouth and tapping out the letters on a typewriter. In Manchester I visited his house and watched him doing it. Extraordinary.

Jack and Harry came to London for the read throughs. Harry driven down by his secretary stretched out in the back of an estate car.

I’m writing this because of the dedication of Harry and the incredible efforts that he put himself through. Also because of Jack Rosenthal, such a sweet and talented man. Both of them much missed. Part of my passed and my memories.

The WHY is the title of this piece is because Jack wrote some many superb TV plays, Including Sunday and Sweet F.A, Ready When You Are, Mr McGill, Spend, Spend, Spend and close to his heart Bar Mitzvah Boy.

So, why, don’t these ‘up their own backsides‘ TV executives do something about showing these plays again by one of the country’s greatest TV writers?

I know it’s a hopeless bleat from me but fingers crossed.    


  1. My sentiments exactly Ray, which is why I started this petition


    It's slow but steady work at the moment with 37 signatures out of the 100 required. Please could you consider signing it and spreading the word among your friends and followers?

    Many thanks!

    1. Have signed this. Have you put this petition on Facebook perchance?

    2. Thanks Anne. I haven't because I don't do social media, but I know a lot of those who have signed have to help spread the word.

  2. My sentiments too Ray. It would be great to see those excellent productions again.

    I've just signed the petition Mark and posted to my FB page, so hopefully more will check it out and sign...

  3. Thank you Annie! The more signatures we can get the better!

  4. Enjoyed your 'talking head' on last night's repeat of The Many Faces of Sid James, recounting your experiences on and off the screen, whilst making Taxi.