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Sunday, 22 March 2015


Doomy, gloomy clouds gather over The Little Theatre in Brighton. Why? Because in a 73 seater theatre, 3 seats held back because bad ‘sight lines’, only 37 seats sold for my show.  

Carol ‘Tiger’, my contact at the theatre, says sales are selling ‘slow but sure’. Slow? I have to assume that they thought that they’d fly out of the door. After all, Sam’s arranging interviews with Juice radio, Brighton radio, the local paper The Argus and also a local TV station, surely all these outlets would get people flooding in. But no, not a sausage.

Allowing for all Sam’s pushing not achieving anything in Brighton, everything looks bleak for my bookings  at The Barn Theatre and the Liverpool Lantern Theatre.

As Michael Winner, my early mentor in my career, said ‘Calm down, dear.’, yes, don’t panic Brighton.

In the past, four times on the trot, performing in pub function rooms, I sunk without a trace.

Let me give you the numbers attending these ‘events’. First: 6 people. Second: 8. Third: 4 (two ‘fans’ of mine had driven up on the M.2. to attend (bless them). Fourth: nobody came along.

So, how do I feel about 37 people attending The Little Theatre? At the beginning I’d hoped for more hoping the allure of Mr Benn would pull people in but as time has rolled on my happiness increased.  37 is not a failure, it’s a minor triumph for me.

Maybe I’m the only person happy about it but let’s hope those 37 leave with with a smile on their faces..

I’ll work my socks off to give them a jolly time.


  1. These sort of shows tend to sell the seats in the last few days Ray, I would think you will have at least 50-60 seats full on the night. Hope it all goes well!

    1. hope the show goes well ill try and attend one this year now ive found your blog

    2. Thanks very much, Graham, it'd be great to meet you

  2. Just caught up with your blogs, Ray. Didn't realise you were venturing to Liverpool - not far at all from me. My guilty pleasure is the Carry On films - would love to hear a few tales & for you to sign my original Abroad poster. I'm going out on a limb here (ie not consulted with wife!) but count me in! Look forward to it! John.