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Tuesday, 25 November 2014


A small addendum to my previous post, which apparently no one is interested in.

The only actors that I wouldn’t call on to be Station Announcers would be certain EastEnders.

When I was in that show I had to learn how to ‘lip read’, so inaudible were they.

So the bosses of Railway Lines should be careful that none of them slip through.         


  1. We're interested Ray, but I can't help wonder if the real issue isn't the mumbling half-wit behind the tannoy but the fact that nobody ever seems to know what is going on in these situations. (I mean - shouldn't the fat controller come out of his booth and explain on an occasion like this??)

  2. Mumblecore...the current trend in 'acting'

  3. Not so much that no-one is interested in your posts. Has it ever occurred to you to respond to comments...

    1. Sorry I'm just not very good at this game but son Tom has helped, Happy CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR

  4. It's not just on the station tannoy. As Mark said, it's fashionable to mumble in dramas and films nowadays, so a good job we can put subtitles on our TVs. Let's not forget than Marlon Brando made a whole career (and a mint) from mumbling!

    I agree that you would get more interest, if you replied to comments, especially when someone asks you a question.

  5. Speaking of questions, have you seen Toast of London on Channel 4 Ray? I think that might appeal given it features an actor toiling away doing voice overs for trendy wendy Hoxton hipcats in small little rooms in Soho. Some great guest appearances in this second series; Paul Darrow, John Nettles, Louise Jameson, Peter Davison, Janet Henfry, Benjamin Whitrow, Amanda Donohue...you should try and blag a spot too Ray!