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Plenty on Wikipedia and on IMDd.  Those two websites are great for the date and place of birth, as well as listing the TV, films, stage and radio I've worked on.  What they don't do is describe what it was like working on those productions, alongside the wonderful and sometimes not-so-wonderful personalities involved. They also don't divulge the highs and lows of over 50 years of marriage, bringing up three kids as well as emerging grandchildren. If you're interested, Learning My Lines (my autobiography), Echoes (my first novel) are for sale through my website, as is an archive of my blogs from 2009-2013.

Friday, 7 November 2014


On Monday the 10th my new novel LIES is published to coincide with the Tracks of My Years that I’ll be doing every day on the Ken Bruce Show that week.

As I recorded the interviews three or four weeks ago I have no idea what I said. I assume I mentioned books, the music and my career but couched in what way I have no idea. I do know that I didn’t swear. I have to bite my tongue when talking about certain things.

I’m sure that you know that Ken Bruce is a very welcoming, charming and generally a good egg. And bloody good at his job as well. 

I can’t finish without thanking young Sam Westerby, who I wouldn’t have done it without his application.

Thank, Sam. 


  1. That's great news! Hope it helps bring in some good sales for you Ray and I look forward to hearing you chat with Ken

  2. Listening now! Loving your choices Ray :)

  3. Blimey Ray. If I said I'd forgotten about you, would that constitute an offensive remark?!? Haha. Having read some of your blog posts, I think you'd 'ave a larf and arrange for someone to ahem, visit me...
    Seriously, really enjoyed your wee chat with my fellow Scot, Uncle Ken. Great music picks, too. I think it's brilliant that you're writing away, both in blog and book terms. Writing a blog can be a thankless task in this day and age of everyone being an author of some kind! However, even the odd sort that turns up (me, for example) makes you feel you're not muttering away to yourself, pleasant though that may be! Similarly with the book sales. I think your attitude is incredibly stoic and realistic.
    There are so many distractions these days, though I find as I get older (54 last birthday) people, places and particularly, TV shows, come right back into my mind. I don't watch much telly these days. I spend most of my free time reading and/or listening to music. However, in my gogglebox heyday, I do recall you in Dr Who and particularly Big Deal which I have to say, was riveting. More than a few moments watched from behind semi-closed fingers!!
    Anyway, great to be reacquainted with a familiar face/voice from my past. Once I've gotten through my current reading pile, I may just have a go at your latest. I see someone is selling your first on Amazon, for £25.00 You may need to review your pricing model, young man!
    Finally, finally, given you a bit of an old follow on Twitter. One of the only social media sites I think worthy of the bother. My Avatar may be familiar to you (comic strip by Frank Dickens). Another one of those things from my youth, that bounced into my vacant head.
    All the best, sir.

    1. Don't worry about forgetting me. Some people think I'm dead!

  4. Great song choices Ray, especially loved hearing W*O*L*D this morning, a song not often played alas