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Plenty on Wikipedia and on IMDd.  Those two websites are great for the date and place of birth, as well as listing the TV, films, stage and radio I've worked on.  What they don't do is describe what it was like working on those productions, alongside the wonderful and sometimes not-so-wonderful personalities involved. They also don't divulge the highs and lows of over 50 years of marriage, bringing up three kids as well as emerging grandchildren. If you're interested, Learning My Lines (my autobiography), Echoes (my first novel) are for sale through my website, as is an archive of my blogs from 2009-2013.

Thursday, 11 June 2015


I tweeted ‘Sad. I’ve cancelled Liverpool on the 12th. Technical reasons.‘ I know it’s not as momentous as Dusty’s cancellation. There was a small flutter in the world of twitter, someone hoping that ‘I’d get well soon’. Maybe thought that technical was a heart condition..

So, what now? The ‘technical reasons‘ are diverse and certainly bumpy. I’ve had no feed back from the two shows that I’ve done. They listen but am I going on too long and beginning to bore them? It’s hard to tell. As I say, no feed back.

So, I’m in the process of re-writing the whole thing. Using my autobiography as a template,   
applying the talk like on a trampoline, spinning this way and that, no shape. I’d be happy like that. Improvising. And if the audience get confused all they’ve got to do is interrupted and ask me ‘what the hell are you talking about?’ That could be fun as well.

All I know is that I’ve got to do something to shake things up.    


  1. Sorry to hear you'd cancelled Ray. I think it's a great idea to use your autobiography as a template. I'm sure you have many more interesting show business snippets that weren't in the book that would make fascinating listening. Hopefully it would generate lots of questions.

    Good luck anyway and keep us all posted on your progress.

    1. sorry u cancelled ray hope you are well and look forward to coming to watch your new improved show

  2. Are you rescheduling the Liverpool gig Ray? Any idea as to when?