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Sunday, 11 January 2015


On Friday I recorded my interview with Steve Wright which is to aired on Monday the 12th.

I do like going to the BBC, it’s history and the friendly staff. Except for the individual in the Delivery Department. That department is a few steps away from the entrance to Radio London.

‘A book for Robert Elms.’
‘Take it to the Delivery Department.‘ I do.

Three weeks later in to do the Elms interview. ‘Got the book?‘ I ask him. ‘No.‘ he says.

That man in the Delivery Department is letting the BBC down!

The British Broadcasting Corporation is the most respected broadcasting organisation in the world.

Sam Westerby, is with me on Friday, he likes to drink Strongbow cider but I couldn’t find any pub around the BBC that sold it.

In 1827, the German poet Heinrich Heine said of London “I’ve seen the greatest wonder which the world can show to the astonished spirit.” 

But Claude Monet said. ‘Without fog London wouldn’t be a beautiful city.” Which sounds like a backhanded compliment to me.

I agree with the German poet that it is an astonishing and magical city, with it’s art galleries, theaters, museums, architecture, it’s amazing underground system, it’s churches and it’s amazing history.

It’s a great place apart from it’s Delivery Department at the BBC and without it’s seemingly scant outlets for Strongbow.

Still you can’t have everything


  1. I do agree with you Ray, that London is a wonderful, fascinating city and when I visit I always feel proud of being (dare I say) English and of our heritage!

    Fancy those pubs not stocking Strongbow, bit of a cider fan myself, as is my youngest daughter.

    Hope the interview went well, any idea what time it's on please?


    1. Listen here for a few days http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04x0lh9 - starts about 2hrs 19mins in. Very good stuff too!

    2. Thanks Rob, I did manage to catch Ray's interview yesterday, just love that soothing voice of his!!.

  2. Ray is the perfect adviser for visits to interesting places and knowledge of the city.
    perhaps a Top Ten list would be in order?
    Rather concerned that the blog is written usually v early in the morning....or just before you fall into bed.?